First and second-authored publications

Phillips, C., Wang, J., Edwards, B., Rodriguez Martinez, R., Pai Asnodkar, A., BS, Gaudi, (2023) Exploring the potential of Twinkle to unveil the nature of LTT 1445 Ab

Phillips, C., Wang, J., Kendrew, S., Greene, T., Renyu, H., Panero, W., Schulze, J (2021) Detecting Biosignatures in the Atmopsheres of Gas Dwarf Planets with the James Webb Space Telescope

Phillips, C., Bowler, B., Mace, G., Liu, M., Sokal,K (2020) 2MASS J04435686+3723033 B: A Young Companion at the Substellar Boundary with Potential Membership in the β Pictoris Moving Group

Other co-author publications

Edwards, B., Changeat,Q., Tsiaras,A, incl Phillips, C (2023), Characterizing a World Within the Hot-Neptune Desert: Transit Observations of LTT 9779 b with the Hubble Space Telescope/WFC3

Stotesbury, I., Edwards, B., ABB, et al., incl Phillips, C (2022), Twinkle - a small satellite spectroscopy mission for the next phase of exoplanet science