Teaching and Outreach


ASTR 309N: Life and Death of Stars, UT Austin

  • Teaching Assistant, Spring 2019
  • AST 309N is a specialized astronomy course on topics including: supernovas, white dwarfs, black holes, and neutron stars. As the TA, I held regular office hours and assisted students with course materials (course syllabus can be found here)

    ASTR 321: Future of Humanity, UT Austin

  • Teaching Assistant, Spring and Fall 2018
  • ASTR 321 is a writing focused upper division astronomy course based on technological advancementâ—¦Graded and provided constructive feedback on written assignments (course syllabus can be found here)

    ASTR 309C: Birth of Stars & Planets, UT Austin

  • Teaching Assistant, Fall 2017
  • ASTR 309C is a specialized astronomy course on star and planet formation. As I TA, I held regular office hours, provided assistance during weekly in-class learning exercises and held review sessions before exams (course syllabus can be found here )

    Education Experience

    Museum of Discovery

    While working on my Bachelors in Arkansas, I had the opportunity to work at The Museum of Discovery, a science center where I became passionate about education. At the Museum of Discovery I worked as an educator in the Tinkering Studio, where I facilitated hands-on STEM activities with visitors. Along with my work in the Tinkering Studio, I worked on the mobile museum, Race for Planet X, which brought STEM education across Arkansas. I performed outreach services for the Museum including science demos at afterschool programs and visits to the Arkansas Children's Hospital.

    Maria Mitchell Association

    The Maria Mitchell Association is a science organization located in Nantucket, MA; named for Maria Mitchell, one of the first women astronomy professors famous for discovering a comet through a telecope. While working as an astronomy educator for the Maria Mitchell Association, I developed curriculum for astronomy summer camps for preK-8th grade and hosted weekly solar telescope viewings.


    I am the lead organizer of Black In Astro, a movement started by Ashley Lindalia, which aims to celebrate and amplify the Black experience in space related fields. As part of these efforts, I led and received a grant from The Ohio State Univeristy to support these efforts to implement programs, alongside Dr. Laura Lopez

    I enjoy doing different forms of outreach in science. I was a graduate student mentor for the TAURUS Research Program at UT Austin and presented a seminar on imposter syndrome. I also assisted with science activities and demos for the UT Girls in STEM day.

    Check out my public talk for Tucson's Astronomy on Tap-Space Drafts:

    Check out my AAS Journal series talk